There are certain situations where only partial refunds are granted:


Refund and Returns Policy

Quality & Flower Maintenance

If you are unhappy with your flowers after our simple care instructions have been followed, we urge you to contact us within 72 hours of receipt of flowers and or plant. with a picture and decryption.

We aims to purchase the majority of its flowers and foliage directly from local farmers wherever possible, to ensure the best quality, fresh flowers are hand selected every day.

We are, however, selling a natural product that is fragile and perishable, ie. they have a limited life span, and we are unable to give an exact number of days they will remain fresh. Flowers will react to their immediate indoor environment and external weather conditions, and unfortunately once our product is dispatched for delivery, a number of changes in their surrounding condition may result in their longevity being reduced that is out of our control.

To assist, Resonate Designs Florist has included Flower Care information with all deliveries. Plant care can be found on line using Google.

We can’t take responsibly for Mother Nature and the care of plants once they have been dispatched from for our store, returns or refunds of plants must be made with in one week’s time.

Our flower care instructions must be followed thoroughly in order to maximise the life span and enjoyment of your flowers. To assist in prolonging their life, we recommend cutting the stems on a sharp angle and changing the water in the vase every two days. Air conditioning, extreme heat or changes in climate may also have an adverse effect on the flowers. Unfortunately, with all the possible variables, it is difficult for us to guarantee the flower quality and longevity in every case.

Three Day Return Policy

Should your flowers perish within 3-5 days of the delivery date and we are satisfied that all care instructions provided have been followed, Resonate Designs Florist will be happy to resend replacement flowers at our expense, and will need to take the unsatisfactory delivery as proof for our suppliers credit. To assist us in assessing the product quality, Resonate designs reserves the right to request photos or images of the original flowers (sent by text or email) within three days of the delivery date. This is a standard request that all florists will ask for in the event of customer complaints. Resonate Designs Florist also requires that any dissatisfaction with the freshness of the flowers be communicated to the Resonate Designs Florist within 3 days of delivery by phone:


As each flower and plant is unique, so too, are your special requirements and concerns surrounding your order. For that reason, we ask that you please call or email us at or phone 0415878314

Please note if you have changed your mind or made mistake and ordered out side our delivery area and require a refund we are happy to do so however this will in-cure a 10% processing fee.